Squirrel-Proof Feeders
Featured Products

Featured Products

No/No Tray Feeder (SKU: NONOUD00314)No/No Tray Feeder (SKU: NONOUD00314)All Metal wire mesh basket and tray, hugh capacity, holds over 2.5 lbs. of seeds. Drains to shunt away moisture from rain or snow. No assembly, easy to hang. Dispenses black oil sunflower seed or mixtures of sunflower seed, safflower seed and peanut pieces. Resists squirrel damage.
If squirrels are eating your seed and scaring away your birds, then you need a squirrel proof bird feeder. There are many styles and designs of squirrel proof feeders. We have a selection of quality feeders that are attractive as well as functional. If you enjoy the squirrels too, as we do, you can always put up a squirrel feeder, away from the bird feeder. That way everyone is happy! Squirrels are opportunistic feeders. That is, they will find the closest and easiest source of food. Provide a feeding area for squirrels far from bird feeders. Corn and peanuts offer an inexpensive alternative to costly, custom blended bird seed. Squirrels will quickly learn to eat in their own area, leaving the well-protected or squirrel resistant feeders to the birds. One of the best ways to further protect wild bird feeders is to utilize a metal squirrel proof bird feeder with a perch bar that shuts off the seed supply under a squirrel's weight to discourage unwanted guests. Perky Pet has one that will do just that - the PP351!
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Wildwood Farms, Duet Diner Squirrel FeederWildwood Farms, Duet Diner Squirrel Feeder
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Squirrel-Proof SelectiveSquirrel-Proof Selective
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No/No Mesh Feeder-BronzeNo/No Mesh Feeder-Bronze
Green Absolute IIGreen Absolute II
The Bird Shelter, Squirrel-Proof FeederThe Bird Shelter, Squirrel-Proof Feeder
Snowman FeederSnowman Feeder
How do I discourage squirrels?

Here are a few simple and effective suggestions for keeping the squirrels off your feeder. When hanging your feeder from a tree branch, try and locate it at least 6 feet from the tree trunk and at least 4 feet up from the ground. This will prevent squirrels from either jumping from the tree or up from the ground onto the feeder. When hanging the feeder off a line, make sure the length of line is at least 8' long with the feeder suspended at least 4 feet above the ground or snow. You should also use a very thin wire, such as piano wire, whenever you hang your feeder. If you choose to pole mount your feeder; make sure the pole is at least 5 1/2 feet in length. This will allow you to place the pole approximately 1 foot into the ground and still keep the bottom of the feeder 4 feet off the ground. You may also want to add a squirrel baffle. An easy solution to squirrels in the feeder is the Squirrel Scatter auto squirrel-proof feeder, operates using 2 "D" batteries. The Squirrel Scatter emits a signal only heard by the squirrels and they don't like it, so they stay off the feeder!

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