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Featured Products

No/No Tray Feeder (SKU: NONOUD00314)No/No Tray Feeder (SKU: NONOUD00314)All Metal wire mesh basket and tray, hugh capacity, holds over 2.5 lbs. of seeds. Drains to shunt away moisture from rain or snow. No assembly, easy to hang. Dispenses black oil sunflower seed or mixtures of sunflower seed, safflower seed and peanut pieces. Resists squirrel damage.
Buy bird feeders online, from sturdy metal Bird House Feeders, rustic fly-through gourd feeders, to metal cage feeders. Makes the perfect gift for the bird lover. Select from Duncraft, Bird Quest, Perky Pet, Heritage Farms and other quality bird feeders. Bird Bath & Beyond has a great supply of window mount bird feeders, blown-glass hummingbird feeders, and squirrel-proof bird feeders.
Decorative bird feeder designs, quality craftsmanship, great value. You find all this at Bird Bath & Beyond. Have you experimented with different types of seed or foods such as suet? Are you trying to attract a greater variety of birds or even attract specific types of birds such as finches, hummingbirds, and orioles? Below you will find a bird feeder to attract any type of bird. Each species has a preference, and it relates to the type of food offered and the way they can access it. For example, hummingbirds and orioles prefer liquid and fruit. A finch prefers thistle from a sack or tube. Cardinals like black oil sunflower seeds and woodpeckers love suet. To view a more complete list, see our wild bird food preference chart.

Try a window bird feeder and enjoy watching your favorite wild birds eat without leaving your home. Decorative feeders spruce up your yard. To attract a wide variety of birds, offer different types of seed and feeders.
Nesting birds require lots of energy to raise their chicks. Don't stop feeding your wild birds in the warmer weather, they need the energy now as much as every other season. Feed your wild birds year round and they will stay close or return if migrating.
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Red Grape Hummingbird FeederRed Grape Hummingbird Feeder
Songbird Feeder with StakeSongbird Feeder with Stake
The Bird Shelter, Squirrel-Proof FeederThe Bird Shelter, Squirrel-Proof Feeder
Classic Sunflower/Mixed Seed FeederClassic Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder
Seed Tray - 7-1/2"Seed Tray - 7-1/2"
Seeds 'N More Bird FeederSeeds 'N More Bird Feeder
Bird Quest Super Spiral Sunflower FeederBird Quest Super Spiral Sunflower Feeder
Shapz Bird FeederShapz Bird Feeder
10.5" Clear Screw-On Seed Tray10.5" Clear Screw-On Seed Tray
The Jewel BoxThe Jewel Box
Peanut Silo-smallPeanut Silo-small
Upside Down Suet FeederUpside Down Suet Feeder
Universal Pole KitUniversal Pole Kit
Universal Mounting BracketUniversal Mounting Bracket
2-Sided Hopper Feeder with Hanging Hardware2-Sided Hopper Feeder with Hanging Hardware
Seed Tube - Blue (small)Seed Tube - Blue (small)
Window Cafe, Window FeederWindow Cafe, Window Feeder
No/No Mesh Feeder-BronzeNo/No Mesh Feeder-Bronze
Heath Deluxe Windowsill BirdfeederHeath Deluxe Windowsill Birdfeeder
Panorama Metal FeederPanorama Metal Feeder
The Oriole Feeder 16 oz.The Oriole Feeder 16 oz.
Wingdale Hanging FeederWingdale Hanging Feeder
Townhouse BirdfeederTownhouse Birdfeeder
Novelty PedestalNovelty Pedestal
Classic Pedestal - TallClassic Pedestal - Tall
Lighthouse Birdfeeder and Birdhouse ComboLighthouse Birdfeeder and Birdhouse Combo
Gazebo Feeder-MediumGazebo Feeder-Medium
Squirrel-Proof SelectiveSquirrel-Proof Selective
Three Compartment Gazebo FeederThree Compartment Gazebo Feeder
Vista-Dome Tray feederVista-Dome Tray feeder
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