Cedar Woodduck House
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Cedar Wood Duck Nesting Box
Cedar Woodduck House
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The Wood Duck will use this nesting box year round. This large cedar house is designed to provide the Woodduck with the proper nesting cavity. Quality construction, guaranteed to last many years. In addition to a 3" x 4" oval entry hole and side clean-out, a 6" hardware cloth strip is stapled to the inside front providing a climbing aid for ducklings. Size: 11" x 8" x 24" H. Place box 5 - 50 ft. above the ground or water. Ducks lay 10 - 15 dull white eggs, incubation is 27 - 30 days, flight; 56 - 70 days after hatching.
Features Benefits
Side clean-out, easy access
Specifically designed for the wood duck
Hardware cloth strip inside, provides climbing aid for ducklings
11" x 8" x 24" makes this a perfect house size for ducks
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